Jib Hire

Ever wondered how stunning video shots are performed? It is more than likely that a jib has been used. Real Vision also offer jib hire services.

Here at Real Vision, we have a high quality jib that is available to video professionals all around the UK. The reality is that the type of jib that we offer for hire will bring an entirely new look and feel to whatever filming project you are working on. Whether you are working on a commercial, film, music video or even your own personal project, using a jib will greatly increase the production quality of your project.

With overhead shots starting to become a de-facto standard in wedding video production, it now quite common to see a jib present at most wedding receptions. Real Vision are proud to be pioneers in bringing this filming technique into the wedding video scene.

All rentals of our jib come complete with a team of technicians to ensure that there is always a professional at hand when needed. Our ability to visualise and plan your shots ensures that you achieve maximum value on every shoot that you have with our jib hire services.

Contact us today for rates and availability for our high quality jib for hire.